Look No Further Than Nick Southard


If you are looking for exceptional customer service to help buy or sell your real estate, look no further than Nick Southard. Nick is a knowledgeable real estate professional who . We had an exceptionally difficult short sale transaction and had a number of worries that we felt we needed someone who could help us navigate what we. We considered several real estate agents, but learned of Nick Southard. Nick showed up to our condo wearing a suit and tie and had a solid handshake. We felt immediate relief from the anxiety that we had been feeling.

Nick understands the ins and outs of selling real estate from beginning to end. The photographs of the condo were stunning. His sense of aesthetic for staging combined with his stellar photographer made the photographs really pop. We found the perfect buyer and the transaction was easy on our end. how to market, getting flyers out. We had an exceptionally difficult situation that involved him not getting as much money and he treated made us equal importance/client even though he wouldn’t make as much income off of our particular sale. Not only that, our sale required extra paperwork because of the short sale.

At that time there was a government deadline for submitting the closing paperwork. to the title company was lagging and he pulled strings by driving to the title company in person to make sure the title company to save us thousands of dollars in taxes.

We’re finally sitting down to write a review. It would be easy to skip it after all this time, but we can never thank Nick enough. If you are looking for a professional who will be in your corner, look no further.